Calculator: Your Weight on Other Planets (+ Moons & Stars)

What is your weight on other planets, moons, and stars? 

Actually, on some planets, you could weigh thousands of pounds.

Or even just a few pounds on other planets. 

Well, now you can know just how much you would weigh on all eight planets. 

Simply enter your Earth weight below and be amazed. 

Plus, as a bonus, we’ve included:

  • Pluto (dwarf planet)
  • The moons of Jupiter:
    • Io
    • Europa
    • Ganymede
    • Callisto
  • The Moon (star) 
  • The Sun (star) 
  • A white dwarf (star)
  • A neutron star

Calculate Your Weight on Other Planets, Moons, and Starts

Enter your weight on earth and see how much you’d weigh on other planets, moons, and stars: